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Post  halleckKING on Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:18 pm


Name (First&Last): Dylan Halleck

Birthday (m/d/y): 11/12/1994


TimeZone/Country:Minnesota USA

Ethnicity: American

How long have you played ErectionMS?: Fer 2 days

Do you have GM experience?: Hell yea

As a GM, what can you contribute to?:help new players and make events often or when the players are bored and want something to do

If you ever saw a hacker, or someone reporting to you there is a hacker, what will you do?:Check it out and probbably ban them unless it was permitted by u

Any other information?: i have been GM in 2 Servers and owned 3, one lasted a few months other two i just quit cuz they didnt get popular. so yea.....


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