Pikachu's GM Application

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Pikachu's GM Application

Post  Pikachu on Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:22 pm

IGN: Pikachu

Name (First&Last): Alex Huang

Birthday (m/d/y): 1/2/95 or January 2, 1997.

Age: 13

TimeZone/Country: EST +5 US and Canada and I'm in the U.S, New York.

Ethnicity: Chinese and American.

How long have you played ErectionMS?: I started playing ErectionMS since yesterday, which is 4/9/11 and today is my 2nd day of playing.

Do you have GM experience?: Yes, I have been a GM in MortalKombatMS, ShadowPartnerMS and my 2 servers HelpfulStory and InboxMS. Here is a screen shot of InboxMS. A GM is responsible for the server, like when you have a job and your owner tells you to do that and that, you must followed it or you'll be fire and that is the same thing as MapleStory Private Servers.

As a GM, what can you contribute to?: I can vote everyday, I can catch all the hackers, I can host fun events, I can help players when they need help. I can also try to make the server community great!

If you ever saw a hacker, or someone reporting to you there is a hacker, what will you do?: I will take a screen shot, then ban the hacker.

Are you willing to participate in all activites hosted out like GM meetings: Yes, because GM meetings are important, it can help you improve more on being a GM.

Any other information?: Thank you for reading my application, I try my best to get this GM Position instead of other people that wants to be GM, they can fool around with the position and you may let me handle the GM Position and I will do anything.


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Re: Pikachu's GM Application

Post  CAPTAIN on Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:29 pm

Number of I cans: 5.

GOOD LUCK , meng.


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