Ryan's Owner Application

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Ryan's Owner Application

Post  Owner Miura on Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:21 pm

IGN: Miura

Name (First&Last): Miura Kil

Birthday (m/d/y): December 48 1904

Age: maybe 204?

TimeZone/Country: ChinaTown Middle South Timezone

Ethnicity: Maybe mexican

How long have you played ErectionMS?: since i created it <3

Do you have GM experience?: o.o nope none at all ... actually i created this server called ErectionMS like a week ago but yea thats all

As a GM, what can you contribute to?: i dont wanna be no gm wtf

If you ever saw a hacker, or someone reporting to you there is a hacker, what will you do?: id go to him... warp him through all the fms until he dcs when he gets back on become best buddys with him, get his hacks, and <3
Are you willing to participate in all activites hosted out like GM meetings: Im probably gonna be the one creating them o.o

Any other information?: yea i was on 14 and pregnant the other day and also i met justin bieber and my father is kim jung il

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