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Post  fogfail on Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:58 pm

IGN: FogFail

Name (First&Last): Bit, creepy? I think most of you know my name, rather not say outloud.

Birthday (m/d/y): 6/9/96

Age: 14

TimeZone/Country: PST, USA

Ethnicity: Martian

How long have you played ErectionMS?: A few days.

Do you have GM experience?:No, umad?. I do have experience wif being sexy like i should and uh. I help lots of children who have no sufficent skills to play a game. Im active and sexy. And if anyone needs anything i can helpz.

As a GM, what can you contribute to?: I can bring alot to this server. First off and most important people. Also i can bring an intellegent being who doesnt power abuse and i can get whatever to be needed done. I can do active events to keep players happy. Also under the permission of Miura i can make a website. If you dont want to host you dont have to i can use a free host that will be better than this hopefully. Ill basically have, a chatroom, a forum, a blog for the owners, and anything else u need.

If you ever saw a hacker, or someone reporting to you there is a hacker, what will you do?: Check, what they were doing. Why. If i saw first hand ill make sure i check everything and not ban someone if they have like 5 million wepon attack eqp. And pretty much ben them if they are truly hecking under any situation. If someone reported i would need screenshots and hard evidence that they were hecking.

Are you willing to participate in all activites hosted out like GM meetings: O yes.

Any other information?: I have a large cock. hehehehe.
O, and if you dont think i can be a good gm based on whatever, try me as an intern i wont let you down.


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Post  CAPTAIN on Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:23 pm


Because I'm mean like that, ferserious.


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